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Hike My Site helps businesses and organizations automate, organize, and maintain their online presence. These services range from automating blogs and social media to integrating the best tools on the internet to have a productive organization.

  • Automation
  • Organization
  • Maintain Online Presence

Automation tools exist on the internet to manage social media, blogs, and websites and can be programmed to plan these tasks far ahead. This saves time but most importantly makes it appropriate work for an employee or outsourced assistant. With all the tools and instructions in one place, employees can schedule daily posts once a week or month.

Organization has also been reinvented by the internet. Imagine having all of the computers, tablets, and smart phones in your business outfitted with updated information, tasks, and calendars. Most companies use ‘the cloud’ to stay updated on at least their email. Today’s most efficient companies, however, use the cloud in all aspects of their businesses. They use it with customer service software, employee management software, accounting, and marketing.

Maintaining a business’s online presence involves social media, blogging, and other modern marketing techniques to interact with customers. Hike My Site methods are designed to make tasks appropriate for less experienced employees and outsourced assistants. These techniques utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) Simplistic Design, and Readily Available Softwares.


Hike My Site helps businesses and organizations utilize internet tools to cut costs, be more productive, and build an online brand. We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to Contact Us!




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