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Hike My Site, LLC is a marketing consulting company that helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas into a viable business or a profitable technology purchase agreement. Hike My Site services range from internet business consulting to technology monetization consulting. 

Internet Presence for Businesses

Hike My Site helps businesses automate, organize, and maintain their online presence. We help businesses utilize the internet to give them a return on their investment. We are putting an end to business owners thinking that internet presence, social media, and search engine optimization are costs. They are in fact investments with a considerable return when executed by Hike My Site, LLC. If you're looking to establish a reputable, sustainable online presence for your company, we are the ideal firm to work with.


Technology Purchase Agreements

Hike My Site works with entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists to monetize their brilliant inventions. We help the inventing team and/or business to find the most viable strategy to sell or license their intellectual property. This includes the creation of an executive summary, business plan, feasibility analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and/or commercialization strategy. If you have a technology that needs to be commercialized, we're the perfect firm to guide you throughout that process.

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