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Have a business? Is it going perfectly? Do you need an outside expert opinion? Do you need direction and strategic planning? We are the most transparent, down-to-earth consulting and internet firm. Send us an email to see if we are a good fit by clicking "Contact Us" at the top of the page. (You'll find out what an internet firm is.)


PersonnelStrategyExecution, and Finance. From multi-million-dollar turnarounds to startups, our Process combines decades of world-class expertise. This is really our bread and butter.


Word of Mouth is great, but you also need SEO and Some Old School Stuff to tell the right Story to grow your business. Holistic Strategy > “picking and choosing.”

Online Sales

We build Websites and make people money using the internet. Is your Sales Strategy driven, or at least complemented, by the internet? It’s 2015, you know.

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