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Hike My Site offers professional SEO Development. Our SEO Development strategy involves the same processes that brough our business to the top Google's search results. is #1 on Google for "SEO Development" (14,000 searches per month) and holds the first 6 results for its keyword "Kankakee seo." Our strategy has been proven and is constantly being improved.

How is our quality of work? We provide a transparent developer-client relationship. This means the client can see exactly what the developer has done so far, how much time the developer has spent on the project, and can communicate with the developer at any time! Check out our "proposal" for more information on how the client can keep track of the developer's progress during a contract.

Does it really attract traffic?'s SEO Development strategy has been proven effective. Our blog brings over 2000 hits per day. Within weeks of launching our website, a well-known website business offered to buy out part of the business. This all happened before Hike My Site, LLC was formed! The secret is a step-by-step approach of consistency, good content, and innovation.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Our blog Internet Marketing Blog gives SEO Development resources to do-it-yourself. You can optimize your own site by following the posts in our blog.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

--Jacob Hines


"Our SEO Development strategy got to the top of Google!"

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